If you are under investigation then we will act pro actively with a view to preventing you from being charged.

We will analyse the police’s case and will exploit any weakness to your advantage. The best defence is where a client avoids prosecution altogether.



If your case does proceed to trial we will ensure your case is prepared to the highest standards.

For more serious or complex cases we will head up your legal defence along with the best defence barristers, private investigators and forensic experts.



For complex drugs conspiracies or fraud allegations, the evidence may span over many years and involve tens of thousands of pages of evidence.

For this type of criminal case we use cutting edge computer programmes to manage statements and exhibits.


Our Expert Criminal Defence Lawyers

We are expert criminal defence solicitors and have defended the full range of criminal allegations. Our criminal solicitors have achieved top results for our clients including acquittals, successful appeals or reduced sentences. If you are being investigated or have been charged then please get in touch with our criminal solicitors to discuss your case.
If you are under investigation then please get in touch with us today. Our expert criminal defence solicitors will defend you aggressively from the inception of any criminal inquiry. Our pro active criminal lawyers always aim to bring a criminal investigation to end at an early stage. It is important that your criminal solicitor fights hard for you at an early stage to avoid you being charged.
If  you already have criminal solicitors, but you feel let down by them, then you have the right to change your criminal defence firm. Even if you have been charged and are facing trial, you can change your criminal solicitors. If you are satisfied with your current criminal solicitors then please contact us to speak to an expert criminal solicitor to discuss your case.

Our criminal solicitors have been rated as being amongst the best criminal solicitors in the country.



Ask Our Criminal Solicitors

Criminal Defence Solicitors London, Nottingham & Cardiff

Our criminal defence solicitors are able to represent clients across England and Wales and have offices in Cardiff, London, Essex and Nottingham.

We are frequently instructed to take over the defence of a criminal case from other criminal lawyers. We offer reasonable private fees for more minor allegations and usually defend clients under legal aid in respect of more serious allegations such large-scale drugs cases, fraud, sex offences such as rape and also serious violence offences such as GBH, murder and manslaughter.

If your loved one is currently detained on remand or at the police station, then please get in touch. We are able to represent suspects at the police station and are accredited to provide police station legal advice.

Leading Criminal Defence Solicitors

We work with leading forensic experts and top criminal defence barristers to provide you the complete criminal defence service.

We go the extra mile for our clients and pride ourselves in achieving excellent results.

If your case is sensitive or may attract media interest, we are experienced in managing high profile cases and will aggressively defend an allegation from the earliest possible stages.

It is advisable to instruct criminal defence lawyers from the very inception of any allegation with a view to halting any investigation early before the matter gets charged. Early proactive intervention in a criminal case by our expert criminal defence solicitors can make all the difference to a case, and ultimately to a client’s life.


Our criminal solicitors work as a single united criminal defence team with market leading criminal defence barristers across England and Wales. We give our clients the highest quality legal advice possible.

Our emergency criminal solicitors are available 24/7 to attend at the police station across England and Wales, including London, Essex, Nottingham, Cardiff, Swansea and all other areas.